Since their introduction to the market several years ago, outdoor porcelain pavers have quickly become a popular landscape design trend. Their style, durability, and versatility make them an ideal option for just about every renovation, big or small. Whether you’re seeking something sleek and contemporary or rustic and traditional, Tile Tech’s expansive range of porcelain pavers all but guarantees the perfect match for your new outdoor space. Here are a few of the most popular outdoor porcelain paver trends to try if you’re renovating a residential or commercial property this year.

Wood-look Porcelain Pavers

One main reason that porcelain pavers are so popular is because of their wide range of versatile designs. Porcelain pavers can replicate the natural appearance of wood or stone but with enhanced functionality. Wood-look porcelain pavers are highly sought-after because they present a luxurious, contemporary appearance while simultaneously offering superior stain-resistance, slip-resistance, and temperature-resistance. Porcelain pavers are also much more cost-effective than real wood flooring, so you can achieve the same high-end appearance at a reduced price. Tile Tech offers three distinct wood-look porcelain paver series: our Wood Plank series, Wood Rustic series, and Chevron Wood series. For the ultimate in 2020 contemporary style, choose a cool-toned option such as our Wood Chevron Maple paver.

Light & Bright Porcelain Poolscapes

If you have a swimming pool on your property, you can transform it into an urban oasis with the right porcelain paving tiles and pool coping options. Light-colored porcelain pavers with subtle textured patterns are a great choice for poolside decks. Light colors such as white or beige will make the area seems bigger, brighter, and more inviting, while subtle texture will enhance any water features and plant life. Tile Tech’s Seashell Series and Cement Series are both great options for poolside decking. Our popular Terrazzo Series also mimics the natural beauty of granite while offering enhanced slip-resistance for guests.

Large-Scale Paver Patterns

Another popular outdoor porcelain paver trend is patterns. Using large-scale porcelain paving tiles to create unique designs and patterns will add visual interest that is sure to continually stun guests and clients. Design variations can range from a subtle border around the outdoor area to a bold, colorful herringbone design. Tile Tech’s Trellis Series is perfect for achieving this, as it combines wood with cement in one tile for a bold, eye-catching effect. Create a colorful chevron design, as pictured above, or opt for a monochromatic diamond pattern. With Tile Tech, the design possibilities are virtually endless!

Rustic Surface Texture

A porcelain paving tile with rustic surface texture is the perfect complement to a property that’s poolside, seaside, or even just has a Mediterranean flair to it. Tile Tech’s Slate series replicates the texture, color, and cleft finish of natural slate, and its irregular top surface is even developed from actual sections of slate. Choose a bright white or warm-toned product like our Quartzite Sandy outdoor porcelain paver and pair it with white and wicker furniture for a relaxed, beachy design style. Finish the space with other natural elements such as a fire pit or water feature to enhance the rustic visual aesthetic and complete your Mediterranean landscape.

Whether you’re redesigning a backyard or installing a hotel pool, Tile Tech has the outdoor porcelain paver product you need to perfectly complete your project. From simple to bold and from rustic to modern, porcelain paving’s versatility makes it the ideal design solution for every outdoor space. Browse our 11 different porcelain paver series and dozens of individual products on our website, or give us a call at (888) 380-5575 to enquire about our services. We’re always happy to provide a catalog, product sample, or project estimate!