Converting unusable rooftop space into level, functional roof decks is a popular building design trend in cities today. From relaxing patio areas to fun rooftop pools, there are virtually endless ways that you can use your roof decks when you invest in rooftop deck pavers. One way that urban businesses are increasing their property value and their appeal to tenants or customers is through the use of deck turf. By combining Tile Tech’s outdoor pavers, adjustable deck supports, and artificial grass products, even the tallest city skyscraper can become a grassy outdoor oasis. Here are five ways that deck turf will elevate your roof deck and attract more guests than ever before.

1. Enjoy outdoor space in the city

When it comes to property in an urban setting, space is at a premium. Finding new and unique ways to create usable space, both inside and outdoors, is crucial for any property owner. By turning your rooftop into a usable roof deck for guests to enjoy, you can create rare private outdoor space. Adding deck turf will only further enhance the luxury of roof decks by adding in another urban raritygreenery. Artificial grass for your roof decks incorporates the beauty of nature in a space where natural beauty is often lacking. Allow guests, tenants, and customers to soak in views of the city while enjoying a game of bocce ball or letting their pets run around in a safe, enclosed space. 

2. Make rooftop pools safer & more comfortable

Another way that deck turf will increase the value of your roof decks is by making rooftop pools safer and more enjoyable for guests. Hardscapes can become incredibly hot during summer and dangerously slippery when wet. Both of these things make them less ideal for a pool deck than rooftop turf trays from Tile Tech. Artificial grass is cooler than stone tiles, making it more comfortable to sit or stand on during the warmer months. It also provides better traction than slick, tiled surfaces. This makes them safer for guests who may be walking or running around the edge of the pool. If you want to show tenants or guests that their comfort and safety is always at the forefront of your mind, choose deck turf for your rooftop pool decks.

3. Make your property eco-friendly

Deck turf will also help make your property more environmentally friendly. Whereas natural plants and grass require daily watering and constant maintenance, artificial grass for your roof decks is a low-maintenance option that allows you to save thousands of gallons of water every year. That, in turn, saves you hundreds of dollars. Not only are you doing your part to save the environment, but you’re saving your wallet as well. You can also eliminate your use of harmful substances such as gasoline and toxic fertilizers since deck turf doesn’t require any of the typical lawn maintenance steps to remain pristine and evergreen. 

4. Enhance aesthetic appeal with a rooftop garden

Using Tile Tech’s deck trays, plant trays, and adjustable deck supports, you can create a beautiful outdoor garden on any urban rooftop. Having functional deck space is crucial, but aesthetic appeal should not be undervalued. Offering beautiful plant life and greenery in the middle of a concrete jungle will help attract guests and tenants in no time. While function is great, beauty is just as valued.

5. Increase your property value

The four previously mentioned reasons for installing deck turf all add up to one thing: increased property value. Offering your guests something that few other properties in the city have means that you can charge a premium for renting, visiting, or otherwise using your space. When it comes time to sell your property, having additional functional square footage will help you earn more money than you would without your usable roof deck. The installation process is affordable and easy thanks to our adjustable deck supports and innovative pedestal system, so return on investment will likely be substantial. 

If you’re ready to take your roof decks to the next level, ask Tile Tech Pavers about deck turf for your residential or commercial property. Our turf trays and adjustable deck supports make deck turf easier to install than ever before. To receive a free product sample or find out more about our services, give Tile Tech Pavers a call today at (888) 380-5575.