Plant-Tray™ Modular Green Roof
Plant-Tray™ Modular Green Roof

Green Roofs

The popularity of energy-efficient roofs, or Green Roofs, is increasing as its value is appreciated. The intention of the Green Roof concept is to take otherwise heat producing areas, such as rooftops and plazas, and provide a cooler environment. The result is a cooler roof decreasing the buildings energy consumption and reducing the heat island effect. The Green Roof concept has seen wide spread acceptance within the construction community.

Modular Green Roof Tray

Our Plant-Tray™ system, otherwise know as MODULAR live roof or green roof system, is a engineered system used in conjunction with our adjustable pedestals on top of roof decks, plaza decks & terraces and can integrate seamlessly with our elevated paver and wood deck tiles products resulting in a stunning and versatile GREEN rooftop deck.

Load bearing porcelain pavers

Load Bearing

Porcelain Pavers are comprised of a 2-cm / 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain designed for use in conjunction with raised pedestals and deck support systems as well as other dry installation and traditional fixing methods allowing total flexibility in design applications.


Light Weight

Due to their light weight characteristics, porcelain pavers are much easier to transport and install, especially in high-rise building applications where they can be easily transported in service elevators.


Superior Wear Resistance

Completely nonporous, they will not stain and require no sealing. They will remain looking as good as the day they were installed! Extremely high slip resistance for all finishes, ensures a safe floor area wet or dry.

Adjustable Pedestals

Adjustable Pedestals

Our PATENTED Hybrid pedestal system is designed for porcelain pavers to lay level over a built up roofs & allow for self leveling, screw adjustable, PVC pipe adjustable and stack-able.

Live Roof Plant Tray


Live Roof Plant Tray System


Live Roof Plant Tray


Adjustable Pedestal System


Vegitation Details

Standard Sizes:
24”x 24″
 2 lbs per sq.ft;

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Plant-Tray™ Specs

Plant-Tray™ Specs

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Plant-Tray™ Load Testing C293

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