If you’re looking for a practical and beautiful exterior flooring product for your Atlanta project, Tile Tech’s porcelain paver system is the ultimate choice. Porcelain pavers are a lightweight and hardwearing solution that offers hundreds of versatile design options suitable for any need. Whether you’re creating a luxury apartment rooftop deck, an outdoor restaurant seating area, or anything in between, there are several key factors that make porcelain pavers the perfect choice for virtually every type of project.

Extremely Durable

Porcelain pavers are highly durable due to their specialized manufacturing process, resulting in a tile of unique strength and hardness. They have a vast number of practical safety benefits for commercial projects, such as resistance to frost, fire, and thermal shock. They can also withstand more than 2,200 pounds of weight per slab, so broken tiles are highly unlikely. They can withstand high foot traffic with ease, and their anti-slip properties help enhance guest safety as well. If you’re seeking a paver that can handle it all, porcelain pavers are a perfect choice.

Fade & Stain Resistant

Porcelain pavers are favored in commercial spaces due to their incredible stain and chemical resistance. Porcelain pavers’ nonporous nature means that they are stain-resistant while never needing to be sealed, so they require minimal maintenance to stay looking pristine. They’re also highly fade-resistant, which makes them the perfect exterior flooring solution. Other materials such as concrete can begin to show signs of discoloration after extensive exposure to UV rays. Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers, however, will resist fading for years to come and retain their original coloring even during Atlanta’s sunniest seasons.


Easy to Clean 

Although porcelain pavers are an extremely low maintenance option, they do need to be cleaned every so often, especially if an area receives spills of some kind. Luckily, porcelain is extremely quick and easy to clean. Porcelain doesn’t require any special cleaning solution; just a standard soap and water combination will suffice. You can also use a low-powered pressure washer if desired, but it’s certainly not required to keep your stone looking beautiful. 

Versatile Design

When it comes to porcelain pavers, you don’t need to sacrifice beauty for quality. We have 10 different series composed of 40 different porcelain paver products that replicate the appearance of wood plank, rustic wood, stone, slate, and cement. Whether you want a sleek and dark natural stone appearance or a light and bright white tile, you’re guaranteed to find a porcelain paver product that perfectly matches your desired aesthetic. 

If you’re debating which paver material to choose for your next Atlanta project, it’s hard to go wrong with porcelain deck tile. It has the ability to stand up to virtually anything you throw at it, all while looking as pristine as the day it was installed in colors and finishes perfectly suited to your building’s design. With more than 40 diverse porcelain paving products to choose from; an innovative adjustable pedestal system; and a variety of stair treads, pool copings, and trays; Tile Tech has everything you need to complete an easy and flawless installation. Give us a call today at (888) 380-5575 to find out more about our product selection or to receive a free quote.