Porcelain pavers are one of Tile Tech’s most popular paving system options due to its extreme versatility. Whether you want a rustic wood finish or contemporary monochrome, there’s a series and color story for every type of project. Often, clients ask us how it’s possible to create a stone paving tile that accommodates customized colors and designs while maintaining superior structural integrity and wear resistance. Utilizing Italian manufacturing technology but always made in the USA, here’s how Tile Tech’s porcelain paver products are manufactured. 

Creating the Aggregate

The first step to creating our signature porcelain paver is combining signature clays and other raw materials with water until the right consistency is achieved. Once this process is completed, the excess moisture is removed and the stone aggregate is ready for pressing.

Creating the Tile

Before the color or style is determined, the aggregate mixture is pressed to form the correct size and shape. Then the tiles are cured, a step which removes the moisture from the tile in preparation for the printing and glazing process. 

Printing Process

By far the most unique and fascinating part of the porcelain paver creation process is the printing process. Utilizing an Italian-made, state-of-the-art inkjet printer, the desired color and pattern is applied onto the top of the raw porcelain tile. There are several different molds for each series and the color can be completely customized. For Tile Tech’s Seashell Series alone, there are 15 different molds. Each series’ mold can be printed with custom colors or one of our standard color options. With this innovative porcelain deck tile printing process, the design possibilities are virtually endless.


After the appropriate pattern and color have been applied, a glaze is added to protect the tile. Once this is done, the final step is the firing of the tile. This is done at temperatures as high as 2500°F in order to set the glaze and remove any remaining moisture. This results in a non-porous and extremely durable porcelain paver product. 

What Sets Porcelain Paving Tiles Apart

Porcelain tiles have long been used for interior tiling, but recent advances in manufacturing techniques have now allowed porcelain tiles to be manufactured in a way that makes them not only suitable for outdoor use, but ideal for it. Our Porce-Pave porcelain paving products are resistant to frost, fire, thermal shock, mold, moss, salt corrosion, stains, acids, fluorescence, and UV color wear. They’re extremely hard wearing and load-bearing, making them suitable for virtually any outdoor use. Whether you’re looking for porcelain deck tiles or porcelain roof pavers, there’s a product ideal for every outdoor use. We even offer matching stair treads and pool copings to tie together every aspect of your project. 

No matter what design aesthetic your project has or what climate it has to endure, porcelain pavers are always the perfect paving system for you. With 11 different styles and hundreds of colors available, Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers can be customized to perfectly suit your residential or commercial enterprise. Extremely durable and beautiful, you can’t go wrong choosing Tile Tech’s signature Porce-Pave paving tile. To find out more about our paving systems, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 today. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a catalog, product sample, or free estimate for your next project.