With today’s climate crisis, doing everything possible to help reduce environmental impact is crucial for homes and businesses of any size. Although it may not feel like you can do anything to make a significant difference, even small changes add up to a world of a difference. If you’re currently building or renovating a commercial property anywhere between Los Angeles and New York City, consider switching up something as simple as your roof deck tiles in order to achieve a more eco-friendly, LEED-certified project. Tile Tech offers 16 different Cool-Roof paving options that allow you to easily incorporate beautiful and eco-friendly paving products into your roof deck transformation.

What Are Cool-Roof Pavers?

Tile Tech’s innovative Cool-Roof pavers are a series of porcelain and concrete roof deck tiles that utilize heat-reflective technology to reduce rooftop temperature and meet LEED certification standards. The light-reflecting colors of Cool-Roof deck tiles emit absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere, helping the roof stay notably cooler. This also reduces the amount of heat transferred to the building below, which makes it more energy-efficient and lowers utility bills. If you’re looking to create a beautiful rooftop deck or balcony that is also eco-friendly, utilize Tile Tech’s signature Cool-Roof outdoor porcelain pavers.

Impressive Color Stability

Our Cool-Roof products have lifetime color stability that makes them a great investment for any outdoor roof deck. They’re produced from premium, ultra-white raw materials that are uniformly distributed throughout the thickness of the paver product. By ensuring lifetime color stability, we can guarantee a superior product that will contribute to lowered emissions for as long as the outdoor porcelain pavers are installed. 

Superior Strength

Our outdoor porcelain pavers are produced under extreme hydraulic pressure, resulting in a product with unrivaled strength. Crushed granite and quartz are bonded in a cement matrix that duplicates the forces of nature, resulting in a superior product that is both load-bearing and lightweight

Safe & Beautiful Surface Finish

Our roof deck tiles are ground to expose the natural beauty of the quartz chips that they’re composed of. The surface is then honed and shot-blasted for a sleek appearance. The surface is non-slip and wear-resistant, so guests and clients can remain safe while enjoying your beautiful roof decks. From cement to wood and natural stone, our outdoor porcelain pavers come in a diverse range of finishes and styles.

Easy Installation

With Cool-Roof pavers from Tile Tech, you can create an eco-friendly and level roof deck in just a few easy steps. Our patented hybrid adjustable pedestal system is designed to make paver installation as user-friendly as possible, allowing your roof deck tiles to lay level and be adjusted with ease. Whether you choose porcelain pavers or concrete, anyone can have a Cool Roof with Tile Tech’s innovative hybrid pedestal system.

If you’re striving for a LEED-certified project or you just want to do your part to be environmentally friendly, install a Cool Roof for your roof decks with Tile Tech’s Cool-Roof series of porcelain and concrete pavers. Reduce your city’s heat island effect and make your building more energy-efficient while enhancing aesthetic appeal by taking the one simple step of switching up your roof deck tiles. No matter what color, styles, or material you’re searching for, Tile Tech has everything you need. Give us a call today at (213) 380-5560 to find out more. We would be happy to send over a free catalog, product sample, or project estimate.