With more people searching for ways to create beautiful environmentally friendly visuals for their homes and commercial properties, deck planting has become an increasingly appealing option. However, it can be difficult to find the right approach to deck planting. There are various factors to consider like your deck’s layout and how you plan to fill out the space. The experience can undoubtedly be a bit overwhelming. But with a little preplanning, things can go much smoother. Before you begin plantscaping your deck, here are nine tips to make your next project a successful one. 

Are you using live plants, fake plants/turf, or both?

One of the first decisions you’ll be faced with your plantscaping project is whether to use live plants, artificial turf, or both options. Live plants create a feeling of authenticity and freshness, while artificial turf provides that unique aesthetic and reduces the need for maintenance. Whatever option you choose, Tile Tech is here to help. Our modular green roof Plant-Tray™ helps provide a cooler environment for live plants. Our lightweight wear-resistant Turf-Tray™ helps make the turf installation process easier. 

What Look Are You Trying to Achieve?

Prior to beginning your project, you’ll need to consider what type of aesthetic and overall look you’re seeking to achieve. Will there be a theme and what approach will you take?

Think About the Layout

Part of a deck’s aesthetic and look is its layout. When you’re planning out your design, it’s best to consider things like usage of space and how you plan to fill out your deck. 

Consider Vertical Space

When considering your deck’s layout and look, don’t forget about the vertical space. Unique aesthetics can be made by hanging a plant higher up.

Do the Research on Plants

Do the prior research on plants before buying anything. Find out about which plants should be placed in containers and which ones should be in the ground.

Surround the Perimeter

While it’s tempting to solely focus on filling out your deck, don’t forget about its perimeter. Consider filling out your deck’s surrounding area with plants to create a livelier environment.

Diversify the Plants

For a varied and more aesthetically pleasing look, diversify your plants. This could involve having multiple different plants in one container to create a bouquet-type look. 

Thriller, Filler, and Spiller

If you’re planning to take a bouquet-type approach with your plants, consider the differences between thriller, filler, and spiller plants. Thriller plants are taller and are planted in the middle of the container. Filler plants are smaller and usually go around thriller plants. Spiller plants are planted towards the edge of the pot and hang over the edge. 

Make the Space Comfortable

Much of plantscaping your deck is about creating a great look and design. Ultimately, however, an attractive aesthetic can only go so far if the space itself isn’t comfortable. Make sure that your deck is a place you can relax at.  

For your next deck or patio planting project, choose Tile Tech to get the job done. Tile Tech’s products are unparalleled in quality and reliability. For more information on the many products that Tile Tech provides give us a call at (888) 380-5575.