If you call or visit us at Tile Tech seeking product recommendations for your project, there’s a good chance that we’ll recommend porcelain pavers as a top choice. Why is this? Porcelain pavers offer unparalleled versatility and durability, which make them a great choice for the vast majority of exterior flooring projects. However, they’re far from one-size-fits-all, which is why you need to know the pros and cons of porcelain pavers so you can make the best decision for your unique needs.

Pro: Incredibly Durable

One of the best things about porcelain pavers is that they’re one of the most durable options on the market. They have a number of practical safety benefits for commercial projects, such as resistance to frost, fire, mold, salt corrosion, and thermal shock. They can also withstand more than 2,200 pounds of weight per slab due to an advanced manufacturing process that involves high temperatures and incredible pressure. Porcelain pavers also boast anti-slip properties, which makes them the perfect choice for pool deck pavers. If you’re looking to utilize porcelain pavers for rooftop decks, they also work in conjunction with our wind uplift trays and snowmelt trays for enhanced weather resistance. 

Pro: Resistant to Staining & Discoloration

Porcelain pavers are perfect for commercial projects or households with kids running around due to their extreme stain resistance. Our porcelain pavers are non-porous in nature, meaning that they have low liquid and air absorption rates, which make them extremely difficult to stain. If you see a glass of spilled wine or a child with a marker in hand, there’s no need to worry. Simple cleaning techniques with a power washer or soap and water will make your interlocking pavers look as good as new in no time. They’re also fade-resistant, so unlike comparable deck paver materials, your porcelain pavers won’t change color over time due to prolonged UV ray exposure.

Pro: Affordable Option

Porcelain Pavers are actually less expensive than other paver alternatives. Unlike marble, concrete, granite, slate, or travertine, porcelain pavers are a low-cost alternative that can achieve a luxurious look at a more affordable price. So whether you have a smaller architectural design project or a larger commercial project, with Tile Tech’s Porcelain Pavers, you can rest assured that you will get the epitome of luxury at the fairest price.

Pro: Easy to Clean

Another advantage of porcelain pavers is that they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike natural stone and wood, porcelain pavers don’t need to be resealed in order to maintain their appearance and structural integrity. Their non-porous properties also mean that staining is unlikely, and so you’ll spend less time scrubbing or replacing tiles. A periodic power wash is enough to clean your porcelain pavers from dirt or debris and leave your deck looking sparkling clean.

Pro: Versatile Design

Homeowners and contractors love porcelain pavers because they’re available in dozens of different colors, textures, and finishes that are guaranteed to work cohesively with any outdoor environment. Choose from porcelain pavers in the style of wood, travertine, slate, cement, and many more. You can achieve the appearance of luxury stone without breaking the bank thanks to the versatile design possibilities of Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers.

Con: Usually Difficult to DIY

Deck pavers are traditionally more difficult to install than poured concrete or asphalt, making them a project you typically wouldn’t DIY. However, Tile Tech’s innovative pedestal support system makes installation a breeze for first-time homeowners and experienced contractors. With our innovative system of porcelain pavers and adjustable pedestals, you can build an ideal porcelain pavers installation in record time and with little difficulty.

No matter what design aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve or what climate your roof decks will have to endure, porcelain pavers are the perfect solution for you. With virtually endless combinations of colors and finishes available across Tile Tech’s Porce-Pave range, you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit your landscape design. Give Tile Tech a call today at (888) 380-5575 to find out more about our available porcelain pavers or to receive a free product sample. We’re also happy to provide you with a free quote for your next residential or commercial project.