If you’re renovating your home or business, you want your new patio space to look as modern and well-finished as possible. That’s why porcelain pavers are one of Tile Tech’s best-selling products. However, luxury looks are usually accompanied by luxury price tags, which is why many of our customers’ first question is: how much do porcelain pavers cost? It’s understandable that you want to make sure you stay within your budget for the project, so knowing what costs to expect before you dive in will help you better understand what your end product will look like, as well as what decisions to make along the way to save money without sacrificing quality.

Porcelain Paver Cost Factors

The biggest factors that will determine the price of your porcelain pavers are size, color, and finish. Larger tiles will cost more than smaller cuts due to the increased amount of material as well as the greater weight. Having to handle a higher weight during the shipping and manufacturing process will result in higher-end costs for the customer. The type of material will also change the price, depending on how expensive it is to manufacture. For example, certain wood-look tiles will be more costly than stone-look tiles, and plank-style pavers are generally more expensive than the more common square tiles. Porcelain pavers created specifically for heavy-duty applications will also cost more than the average exterior paver.

Porcelain vs Concrete Paver Cost

Most of our clients are left with a decision between porcelain and concrete paving tiles. Concrete has a lower initial cost, making it more attractive to clients at first glance. However, porcelain’s higher quality and lower maintenance requirements give it a greater overall value. Porcelain pavers are resistant to temperature fluctuations, moisture, mildew, scratches, color fading, and more. They never need to be re-sealed and boast an impressive lifespan. When factoring for long-term costs, porcelain pavers remain the better value and superior choice.

Installation Cost

The value of the pavers themselves isn’t all you have to consider. However, the installation cost will also factor into your overall budget, and so it should be taken into consideration when choosing your paver material. What size is your project? What is the existing landscape like? Can you install it yourself, or will professional contractors be necessary? When it comes to porcelain pavers, Tile Tech’s adjustable deck supports make installation a breeze, so you may be able to install it yourself or reduce the cost of professional installation by reducing the required man-hours. This easier installation can afford you a more costly tile option or just save you money on the project overall.

If you want to transform your residential or commercial outdoor space with porcelain outdoor tiles, there’s no better way than to go with Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers. We boast one of the largest selections of porcelain pavers on the market, with dozens of different colors and finishes that are guaranteed to suit any project. Paired with our adjustable deck supports, they’re an easy and affordable way to upgrade any patio. Give us a call today at (888) 380-5575 to find out more or to place your first order. We’re always happy to provide a product sample, catalog, or free project quote.