Rooftop decks are great value-adding features for any residential or commercial property. They offer unparalleled views, creating more usable space in your property, and can even reduce your monthly utility bills. If you’re looking for an exterior renovation project that will guarantee you a high return on investment, consider the many benefits of investing in a rooftop deck from Tile Tech.

Extra Living Space

Space is at a premium in urban areas, so finding any extra usable space can be hugely valuable. Extra square footage, even on your roof, can increase your property value both directly and indirectly. Constructing roof decks allows you to install a rooftop pool, rooftop bar, rooftop garden, or lounge area. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, you can exponentially increase the satisfaction of your tenants and customers with the extra living space that rooftop decks provide.

Environmental Benefits

Many property owners are now turning their rooftop decks into green roofs due to the environmental and financial benefits. Having abundant plant life on your rooftop reduces the surrounding heat island effect and adds more oxygen into the carbon-heavy urban atmosphere, providing environmental benefits for your building and your local environment. Green roof decks also help keep your building stay cooler, reducing energy usage as well as the associated bills each month. Making your rooftop decks more enjoyable as well as more environmentally friendly will not only improve your community reputation and local ecosystem but will also help you see a greater return on investment. 

Increased Property Value

Whether you’re planning to list your home for sale or rent it out, adding a roof deck can increase your property’s value. It’s estimated that the impressive views and extra living space can boost your resale value by 10% to 25%, and it can also be listed for a higher monthly rent versus the same property without a usable rooftop. Having that extra amenity will also attract more potential buyers or tenants, giving you more choice and creating an opportunity for a bidding war.

Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons why contractors install roof decks is because they can improve the building’s energy efficiency, resulting in reduced utility bills. Most of the roofs throughout the world are dark-colored, which creates a heat island effect and contributes to global warming. Tile Tech’s Cool-Roof Pavers utilize heat-reflecting materials to reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency, making them an essential part of any LEED-certified project. Our Cool-Roof Pavers are produced from premium, ultra-white, raw materials that are uniformly distributed throughout the pavers to ensure a lifetime of color stability. With 16 different color options to choose from, there’s an energy-conscious Cool-Roof paver system for any project.

From Cool-Roof Pavers to adjustable deck supports, Tile Tech has everything you need to achieve perfect rooftop decks. We have more than 50 unique deck tiles to choose from, and our industry-leading deck support system makes the transformation process easier than ever before. To find out more about our products for roof decks, give us a call at (888) 380-5575. We would be happy to send you a catalog, product sample, or free quote for your next project.