If you ever struggle with placing deck tiles or leveling your terrain, either as a contractor or a homeowner, then you haven’t experienced Tile Tech’s adjustable deck supports. Our innovative adjustable pedestal system consists of 7 standard pieces that, when combined with a PVC pipe, can be used to convert uneven and otherwise unusable terrain into a level area suitable for decking. Whether you’re looking to create a balcony, patio, pool deck, roof deck, or general landscaping, our adjustable deck support system has many advantages that make it a no-brainer for your next project. 

Versatile design application

Our adjustable deck supports are designed to be incredibly versatile and useful in as many applications as possible. They’re compatible with our concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, and ipe wood deck tiles, and they’re suitable for outdoor decking or rooftop decks. We also offer low-height pedestals for adjustments as little as ½ inch. No matter what look you want to achieve for your exterior deck, the sky’s the limit when you use Tile Tech’s deck supports for your project.

Easy installation process

The number one reason that contractors love adjustable deck supports is how easy it makes the installation process. Using adjustable deck supports will drastically reduce your project’s man-hours and required materials for a more cost-effective project that gives fewer headaches. It also allows for easy removal, providing access to the underlying deck layers when repairs need to be made. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a homeowner trying it for the first time, Tile Tech’s deck supports make it quick and easy to install the patio deck of your dreams.

Extends the lifespan of your roof

If you’re creating rooftop decks for your residential or commercial properties, our adjustable deck supports can help extend the lifespan of the building’s roof. Our deck pavers and pedestal supports work to protect the roof underneath from wind, hail, UV rays, and water damage, all of which eventually wear down the integrity of the roof. By adding this extra layer of support and protection with Tile Tech’s adjustable deck supports, you can double the lifespan of your property’s roof and save thousands of dollars. 

Levels out sloped terrain

When you use adjustable deck supports, you can turn uneven and otherwise unusable terrain into a level and comfortable deck area. The height of each pedestal can be adjusted from as low as ½ inch to as high as 22 inches. This guarantees a level deck despite almost any terrain. Our pedestal pavers also include built-in self-leveling with additional slope compensation plates at the bottom of the pedestal system. No matter how uneven your terrain is, you can create a fully level paver deck with Tile Tech adjustable deck supports.

By pairing our adjustable deck supports with our industry-leading porcelain pavers, you can create an elegant and luxurious-looking paver deck without busting your budget. Save money on materials and labor by choosing the quickest, easiest, and most efficient deck installation system on the market. Give Tile Tech a call today at (888) 380-5575 to learn more about our full range of deck products or to speak to one of our paver system experts. We’re always happy to send you a free catalog, product sample, or quote for your next project.