Porcelain pavers are some of Tile Tech’s best-selling products due to their incredible versatility. From their customizable designs to their impressive durability, they can be used in a wide range of applications in virtually any environment. If you’re looking for some exterior hardscaping inspiration, here are just a few of the most popular installation options for Tile Tech porcelain paving tiles.

1. Over Concrete

If you have a concrete surface you’d like to turn into an outdoor deck system, there’s good news! Tile Tech porcelain pavers can be easily installed directly on top of concrete. Use our adjustable pedestal system to quickly and easily create a perfectly level walking surface. Then lay the porcelain paving tiles on top of the concrete, snapping each corner into a pedestal. There’s no need for extensive surface preparation or grouting; in just a matter of hours, you can have a beautiful, seamless porcelain paver deck installed directly on top of concrete.

2. Over Grass

Juxtaposing lush green grass with sleek hardscaping can create a modern landscape design that enhances your backyard’s aesthetic appeal and increases property value. If you want to use porcelain pavers to create stepping stones on top of your grass yard, they can be easily installed. While you can lay your porcelain pavers directly over the grass, for best results, remove the grass and a thin layer of topsoil where you want the paving tiles to be placed. This helps ensure better stability and a level walking surface.

3. Over a Roof Deck or Terrace

Porcelain pavers aren’t just for the ground level. Elevated applications such as roof decks, balconies, or terraces can benefit from Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers, and they’re just as easy to install. Use our adjustable pedestal support system to adjust the height and create a perfectly level deck. This avoids the need for extensive substructures, and it makes it easy to hide electrical wiring, plumbing, and more unsightly necessities from guests or tenants.

4. Pool Deck Paving

Choosing the perfect pool deck material can be a challenge since natural stone or ceramic tile can be slippery and hazardous, while traditional concrete can be boring and unsightly. Porcelain paving tiles offer the perfect solution, offering slip resistance as well as enhanced aesthetic appeal. Their incredible durability and functional properties make them a great choice, and they’re easy to install. You can even cut the porcelain pavers to fit the curve of your pool and create a customized final product.

Whichever way you decide to install porcelain pavers, Tile Tech can help you do it. Our porcelain paving tiles are made to be easy to install, especially when paired with our adjustable deck support system. Whether you want to amp up your pool deck, decorate your driveway, or create a rooftop oasis, Tile Tech porcelain pavers are the premier choice. Give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form to find out more about our products or to receive a free quote for your next project. We’re always happy to send a free catalog or product sample to ensure you receive the best paving tile for your project’s needs.